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    The North Charlestown Church of God began in a little one room schoolhouse, located approximately one mile north of our present location. James G. Cash and his wife, Esther, rented the schoolhouse for a revival, with no thought of starting a church. The first meeting was held Sunday, April 10, 1955, with fifteen in attendance. The revival continued for three weeks with seventy-one people giving their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ. When the revival ended, those attending wanted to form a congregation. Services were held on Sundays at 2:00 pm to avoid any conflict with other services in the area. As the congregation increased in size, the people wanted a Sunday School and regular services. Brother and Sister Reardon, from the Church of the Nazarene, bought and donated the property where our present building is located.


      Construction was started on our first building in the fall of 1955. The building was 
a 24' x 40' structure named Faith Tabernacle. In the fall of 1956, we expanded this structure by enlarging the auditorium to a 24' x 60' and adding four new classrooms. In 1960 eight more classrooms were added and the auditorium was again enlarged. In 1970 a brick veneer was was applied to the exterior of building, the parking lot was paved, and the name of the building was changed to North Charlestown Church of God. In 1974, while experiencing a rapid congregational growth, we again expanded the facilities to meet our growing needs.
       In the fall of 1977, again no longer able to accommodate the needs of a growing congregation, a building committee was appointed to consider the construction of a new sanctuary. The committee presented three options to the congregation; the congregation voted to proceed with the new building program.

    Construction began in October, 1980, and was completed in August, 1980. Our first service was held September 7, 1980 with 514 people in attendance. Remodeling of the previous sanctuary and paving of the parking lot was completed by May, 1981.
    In the spring of 1983 we purchased three lots next to the church property, expanding our parking lot to its present size. In May, 1990, a building project to add a new Sunday School wing and larger restroom facilities was put into motion. This project was completed early in 1991. Through the many changes and growth, Brother Cash was the only Pastor the church had until his death in April, 2012.

    Following his position as Assistant Pastor, Neyland McClellan became Pastor of 
North Charlestown Church of God in August, 2012. Neyland McClellan grew up in

this church, but was later saved and baptized as a young adult. Soon after, he felt

the call from God to become a minister. In 1999, he was ordained in Indianapolis, at the Church at Crossing. As our history suggests, we want to keep growing. It is our desire to touch everyone's life in this community. Pastor McClellan and his wife, Sandra want to reach out to as many people as possible in Christian love, showing that Christ can make a difference in everyone's life. We strive to have a well-balanced ministry with something of interest to everyone. We provide Sunday School for all ages, youth groups and classes, small and large bible study or support groups, and an excellent music ministry. We look forward to the future, placing our hands in God's all-powerful hand, trusting Him to show the way to reach out to the world around us.


      ‟I, Neyland McClellan as pastor of North Charlestown Church of God, have as my desire and vision to help people grow in the grace and the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ by his word and by the new birth experience. Through his spirit and by the love of his people showing that we are His disciples, we take this Faith with us wherever we go, as the Bible says into the highways and into the hedges, remembering always that of all the gifts God gives, the greatest is love found in First Corinthians chapter 13.
    I welcome you to come worship with us at North Charlestown Church of God. Let us see together what we can do to reach a lost and a dying world through Jesus Christ our Lord and remember always only what's done for Christ will last.”

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